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Price list

Child 3–11,9953
Child 0-2,990
Family 2+1 (2 adults + 1 child 3-11,99)176
Family 2+2 (2 adults + 2 children 3-11,99)224
Slide – 1 ride10
Slide –  6 rides50
School group
Groups over 25 people
  • ATTENTION! After purchase, the ticket must be used for 60 minutes. After this time it becomes expired.
  • Children (demonstrably) younger than 3 years have free entry.
  • If a child ticket is used by an adult, that ticket is void without compensation. In cases of child entry, their age needs to be demonstrable, otherwise no discount shall be granted.
  • People with disabilities are entitled to a reduced ticket on the basis of a valid ID. A parking space for the disabled is available under Sky Walk (we do not reserve parking spaces).
  • The price for school groups is only valid upon presenting a filled-in school group price application form. This price applies to kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and leisure organisations. For every 10 pupils, 1 ticket for teachers/pedagogical supervision is free of charge.
  • Groups over 25 people - application form send by e-mail: info@visitskywalk.today minimum 1 day before arrival.
  • By purchasing tickets, the customer agrees with the Operating Rules of the Sky Walk.
  • In case of a complaint, it is necessary to submit a payment receipt.
  • The operator reserves the right to change the prices specified on the price list. The prices are in PLN including VAT.
  • Group entry fees apply when purchasing on a single receipt at the information desk.

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